My doctor refuses to help me…

by Tony Elam

horror4I have researched and read all your material that you have on line and think I am a prime candidate for becoming a client. I have been on testosterone injections for 10 years now and my gonads have shrunk to prunes. I read about how injections of the three injections per month of HCG can restore my testicles back to original size and start to work again. 

Also I have ready about how anastrazole can improve the amount of testosterone in my body by slowing the amount of estrogen that is created out of the testosterone injections that I do get.

I’ve shown my primary care physician all the information that you have on line and he refuses to help me, even though he is the one administering testosterone therapy to me.  I asked for a prescription for anastrazole to help with my problem but he refuses. 

Can you provide those for me?




As far as bringing your testicles back to size, I can’t guarantee that after 10 years. There’s really no accepted time that it takes for the testicles to atrophy to such an extent that they won’t come back to normal size and function. There is a point when they have not needed to work for so long that they simply will never work again. Whether that time is one year, five years, ten years, or twenty years, we just don’t know.

My male clients begin HCG five to six months after beginning testosterone therapy. Beginning sooner than that won’t harm you but there’s really no need to begin until then.

I do know you should start HCG therapy as soon as possible. There’s no reason to stop your testosterone either. All we can do is try and see what happens.

Anastrazole is mainly used to keep our estrogens in check rather than increasing testosterone. As men age, our bodies get better and better and converting our testosterone into estrogens. If you add testosterone, theoretically, you are going to increase estrogens along with it. This will just keep you off balance. Just about all my clients take one anastrazole a week to sufficiently keep their estrogens in the normal range.

Taking more anastrazole will not make you feel better. Having too low estrogens will kill your libido. Low estrogens also have a tendency to make you have some joint pain.

A large percentage of my clients come from either franchise hormone clinics that know very little about properly administering hormones or general family practitioners who know very little about properly administering hormones. It doesn’t surprise me that your doctor refuses to do a little learning or research on his own. I see this on a regular basis.

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