Looking for Supplements?

There are a few times in life when you don’t want to bargain shop; parachutes, scuba diving gear, surgeons, tattoos, and supplements.

The supplements listed here are the exact same ones I personally take and meet these standards.  They are either made personally by me or my technician and I use, have used, or highly recommend the product.

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The Fundamentals of Bio-Identical Hormone Supplementation

Price: FREEHormone Presentation Thumb

In this FREE 47 minute webinar, you will learn about…
* what hormones do in the body
* the basic hormones and their functions
* what happens when hormones decline
* the adrenal glands and adrenal fatigue
* the thyroid gland and hypothyroidism
* your estrogens (yes men, you have this)
* your testosterone (yes women, you have this)
* your progesterone
* PMS aka “estrogen dominance”
* Menopause
* Andropause
* Pregnenolone
* Growth Hormone
* Melatonin
* Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

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12 Steps to Optimal Health e-book

This is your guide to getting into the best health of your life.  You will learn about;paperbackstack_550x498
  • Age management basics
  • How to make your body decades “younger”
  • Estrogens, Progesterone, and Testosterone
  • Growth Hormone, DHEA, and Melatonin
  • Thyroid Hormone
  • The most effective exercise program
  • The most effective eating plan
  • Stress and Sleep
  • Important Supplementation
  • Why your gut is so important

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