My clinic put chrysin in my testosterone cream. What’s your opinion?

by West Conner

86aeee3d1ea7b9bac9cb77637ee4e448c0e15f44My clinic told me they put Chrysin 15MG/0.5ML in the cream with the 50MG of testosterone, and that prevents conversion to estrogen. I haven't had my testosterone checked since I started it. I would like your opinion.



First off, I don’t recommend testosterone cream. None of my clients use a cream for several reasons. The main issue is cross contamination with other people. I’ve answered the topical issue in an earlier post, click HERE to read it.

On to the chrysin...

It’s good for my business that these franchise hormone clinics know very little about hormones. Most of my clients come from these uneducated franchises that overcharge and confuse their clients.

The issue of chrysin is a prime example. Chrysin does nothing. In case you are reading quickly and just skimming over the answer, let me repeat that. Chrysin does nothing.

Chrysin is a natural plant flavonoid also known as 5,7-dihydroxyflavone. Scientists studying chrysin in the 1980s and 1990s found that it blocked the conversion of testosterone into estrogens in test tubes and Petri dishes. It worked in a controlled laboratory but failed miserably when it came to testing in rats. See, it can’t get through the cell wall. It also has a less than 1% absorption when swallowed.

An adult male would have to take over 5,000mg a day in order for chrysin to have a minimal effect. It will very moderately block conversion in the plasma. At that high dosing, you are certain to have some upset stomach and diarrhea.

What about topical application? I don’t care how the chrysin gets in your body, it’s not going to work.

I understand people who want to use “natural” products. Chrysin is natural, it has to be healthy right? It has to work like a prescription because prescriptions are just natural products that evil big pharma turned into a chemical right? It comes from a plant, it has to be good right? No, no, and no.

To effectively block conversion of testosterone to estrogens, you must take an aromatase inhibitor. My clients, for the most part, take one small tablet a week to successfully stop their conversion.

There’s no reason to use chrysin, it doesn’t work.


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