My boys are the size of raisins

by Tony Elam

CC_California-Raisins-Title-Plate…testicular shrinkage is one of the major reasons men come to me…

Most of my male clients come to me from franchise hormone replacement centers.  Usually, it is not too late to fix the damage that these “men’s clinics” have done.

One of the biggest complaints I hear is, ‘My testicles are much smaller.’

Your brain sends signals to your testicles that “tells” them to make testosterone.  When you are taking testosterone from an outside source, your body lets your brain know that you have plenty of testosterone and don’t require more.  Your brain will not send the signal to produce any because you have enough.

Over time, the testicles begin to atrophy from lack of function.  You know, ‘use it or lose it’.  This is known as testicular shrinkage and will happen to every man using testosterone unless he takes measures to prevent it.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is an analog of that signal.  In women, HCG signals her ovaries to release egg(s) and move the egg(s) down the fallopian tube(s).  In men, HCG signals the testicles to produce sperm and testosterone.

If you think HCG is for weight loss, here’s two articles for you…

Men have come to me after being on testosterone for a decade or more without ever being offered HCG.  After learning about HCG and asking their doctor, they’re told, “you don’t need that” or “we don’t do that” or “that’s just what happens” or some other excuse for “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

HCG requires a prescription.  It is taken as a subcutaneous injection via an insulin needle.

When men have come to me with testicular shrinkage, they are put on a high dose usually taken twice a week.  The length of time for the testicles to return to normal size and function varies.  Some guys return to normal in 4-6 weeks, others have taken 4-6 months.  I’ve noticed that extremely high doses do not necessarily reduce the time to return to normal.

Fortunately, every client I’ve gained because of testicular atrophy has returned to normal size.  Those who have lost fertility have also returned to normal sperm count.

My testosterone clients are strongly encouraged to maintain testicular size, form, and function by using HCG.  The maintenance dose of HCG can vary greatly.  There are numerous dosing schedules that are effective.  When dosing my clients, not only do I consider their health, I also consider the costs of therapy.  The regimen my clients get is both effective and economically sensible.

If you are getting testosterone without the proper adjunctive therapies, please speak with your doctor about maintaining your long term health.  This includes prevention of testicular atrophy and well as keeping estrogen levels in check.


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