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impotenceDr. West Conner has helped hundreds of men in the Middle Tennessee area with male performance issues and hormone imbalances.  Being a compounding pharmacist, he has formulated the most effective erectile dysfunction treatments known.  Dr. Conner has also formulated his own combination of testosterones for the most effective treatment.

Over the past several years, Dr. Conner has consulted with numerous physicians on the proper usage of these effective treatments.  Along the way, many guys like you have thanked him for giving them their enjoyment of life back.  Recently, the popularity of “Low T” and erectile dysfunction have exploded across the country.  Because of this high level of demand, Dr. Conner has teamed up with a local physician to offer these personalized services to you…

“As a 40-something year-old man, I can personally tell you the difference testosterone therapy has made in my life and my happiness.” – Dr. West Conner

If you’ve tried other services and were disappointed, don’t hesitate to explore Dr. Conner’s unique methods.

You will not need to wait in a doctor’s office to be seen.

You will not need to go to the office to pick up (and pay $$$$$$) for your prescription.

Your personalized medication can be sent to your home or office.

A one-time, face to face meeting with Dr. Conner in South Nashville will solve your issues.

Simply email AskWest@MedicineCoach.com

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What separates Dr. Conner from my regular doctor?

You’ve been seen by a traditional doctor, right?  You take time off work because you were told to arrive ten minutes before your appointment.  You get there on time and you wait in the waiting room for what seems like forever, way past your appointment time.  Then your name is finally called so you are moved into the examination room where you wait more.  The doctor comes in and acts as if nothing is wrong, “we are just really busy today,” is the excuse.  Then you get the quick, “what brings you here today,” “OK,” “Uh huh,” “let me see,” “here’s your prescription,” and he’s gone.  Off to the receptionist for payment and out the door.  Total time, two hours.  Total time seen by your doctor, about four minutes.

This is ridiculous.

Dr. Conner schedules consultations when it is convenient for you.  He doesn’t do the traditional “office visit.”  A meeting is called a consultation, because you both discuss your issues and come up with a solution to your individual need.  Dr. Conner has been called upon by numerous physicians to formulate the exact same specialty medications he can now provide to you at a greatly reduced cost.

What separates Dr. Conner from a “hormone clinic?”

A “hormone clinic” is a franchise like McDonald’s or Subway.  They are usually owned by a businessman who has purchased the rights to a hormone treatment system.  The clinic will often times hire a retired physician to legally provide the prescriptions.  When you want the best hamburger, you don’t go to McDonald’s.  If you want the best in hormone treatments, you don’t go to the local franchise.

I’ve tried Viagra and Cialis.  Not only are expensive, they don’t seem to work well for me.

There are safe, effective, and FDA approved alternatives.  The reason you don’t hear about them is they are specifically designed and compounded for the individual.  These medications are not commercially available, they must be made by a trained, compounding pharmacist.  Dr. West Conner is a trained, compounding pharmacist.

I’ve was going to a clinic, but they can no longer provide service for me.

This is a common situation with these “franchise clinics.”  If you know the treatment you were receiving, it can be duplicated by Dr. West Conner.  In fact, if you were getting treatment in the Middle Tennessee area, chances are, Dr. Conner created that formula for you.

What is involved with a consultation with Dr. Conner?

After filling out your intake form, Dr. Conner will email you to set up your consultation.  The time will be convenient for both of you.  Most often, clients come into the pharmacy for the initial consultation.  Your consultation can last from just a few minutes to, well, as long as it takes to make you feel comfortable with your treatment.

How much does all this cost?

Your initial consultation is just $59.  Every month, there is a $29 charge to continue the active prescriptions.  With the $29 monthly fee, you have access to Dr. Conner through email with the promise of a quick response.  If you require treatment for low testosterone, there some nominal testing fees involved.  The prescription erectile dysfunction treatment usually costs between $3 and $12 per dose.  Your prescriptions can be sent to your home or office without an extra charge for shipping (some minimums apply).

How can I get started and end this problem?

Fill out the intake form HERE. Dr. Conner will get in touch with you soon to schedule your consultation.  It really is that simple.