Male Coaching

Testosterone is the principle male hormone associated with “manliness.”  As men age, we begin to lose our testosterone at a rate of about 1% per year beginning around age 35.  Dr. Conner has been helping men restore their testosterone levels since 2005.

Low testosterone levels cause:

  • decreased erections
  • decreased libido
  • lack of energy
  • joint pain
  • muscle stiffness
  • decreased strength
  • loss of drive
  • loss of competitive edge
  • decreased heart function
  • memory loss
  • agitation
  • increase in belly fat
  • decreased bone density
  • poor quality of sleep

Beginning in 2012, Dr. Conner began studying and successfully treating erectile dysfunction.  Erectile dysfunction can be defined as difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection.  It can occur at any age and is almost always treatable with Dr. Conner’s specially formulated medications.  Erectile dysfunction can even be treated in men who take nitrates and cannot use Viagra or Cialis.

All men will be given a home saliva testosterone test to measure their free and active testosterone level.  This is the most accurate and convenient way to measure testosterone.  All men over 40 years of age must also take a home blood spot test to measure prostate specific antigen (PSA).

Testosterone tests must be repeated every six months at a discounted price.

PSA test must be repeated yearly, also at a discounted price.

The initial fee pays all initial testing costs and allows for a 30 minute consultation.

Your monthly $39 allows for open email communication and all prescriptions written and submitted to the pharmacy on a continuous basis.  Any other hormone testing is done on an “a la carte” basis.  The evaluation, email consultation, and prescriptions (if needed) for these tests are included in your monthly fee.  Click HERE for other testing options.


$300/first month, $39 each month after

The Next Step

Your next step is to fill out the Patient Intake Form and submit it to Dr. Conner.  There is no cost at this point, this is just a way for us to get a feel for what you need.

You will get an email confirming that we got your intake form and schedule a time for a short phone.  After your short call, we will send you a bill for the service you request.  Once payment is received, we will mail out your testing kit and get things going.

Health and hormone coaching is a process, not a band-aid approach.  If you live in the Nashville area, face-to-face sessions are an added bonus to the process.  However, with the magic of technology, Skype and video chat are becoming more common, so distance is not an obstacle to your success.

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