Libido and “Performance” Enhancement

Dr. Conner has been helping men (and women) for years with issues dealing with libido and arousal.

Guys, do you have difficulty getting an erection?

Are your erections less strong?

Ladies, do you have a moisture problem?

Do you have a decrease in libido (sex drive)?

Ladies First...lost interest

Male sex drive is pretty easy to define and fix.  There are a number of ways for the male equipment to function enough to go for a roll in the hay.  But ladies, the desire for you has several factors including both physical issues and emotional desire.  One of the main factors for women is unbalanced hormones.  Women of reproductive years find themselves in the mood most often during the days prior to ovulation, the time when they can become pregnant. When hormones are restored to the proper levels, many times the libido issues solve themselves.   These hormones not only increase the desire in the brain, they increase the sensation in the genitals, making sex more pleasurable.  This lack of hormones also causes vaginal atrophy and dryness, making sex uncomfortable or even painful.

So what do we do?

"I've had the unique advantage of letting other practitioners 'try out' their methods to find the best results.  I've concocted dozens and dozens of different formulations in the attempt to help their female patients.  Nearly all of them didn't work, and were a waste of money.  There are a couple proven formulations that I've used with great success for my clients."   - Dr. West Conner


It's been determined that a combination of the proven prescriptions make my female patients (and their partners) happy.  Sometimes, just one product is enough, but this is generally not the case without balanced hormones.

Dr. Conner will prescribe you the most effective medications and supplements known for female libido.  When you find the combination that works best for you, the results are out of this world.

For Men

impotenceErectile dysfunction, also called impotence, is defined as the persistent inability to get or sustain an erection strong enough for sexual intercourse.  There are many different reasons a man may have the occasional failure to reach an erection.  If you're having difficulty, now is the time to fix it.

Dr. Conner has compounded and dispensed tens of thousands of doses of erectile dysfunction prescriptions.  The vast majority of these are specifically compounded medications that are more effective than the medications you hear about on TV.  That's right, Dr. Conner has perfected the right dose and right dosing form to give you the absolute best results possible.

Guys, we all get tired.  We've all had too much to drink.  This issue can be solved today, never to have the embarrassment again.  Impotence can be treated at any age.

How do I get this service?

Your next step is to complete the Patient Intake Form and submit.  There is no cost at this point, this is just a way for me to get a feel for what you need.

You will get an email confirming that we got your intake form, confirm your address, and set up a short phone call.   We will then send you a bill for the service you request.  Once payment is received, we will schedule your appointment.

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How much does all this cost?

Your initial consultation for this service is just $59.  Every month, there is a $29 charge to continue the active prescriptions.  With the $29 monthly fee, you have access to Dr. Conner through email with the promise of a quick response.  If you require treatment for low testosterone, there some nominal testing fees involved.  The prescription erectile dysfunction treatment usually costs between $7 and $12 per dose.  Your prescriptions can be sent to your home or office without an extra charge for shipping (some minimums apply).


"I'll help you do 'it' better."   - Dr. West Conner