Ladies, don’t let your husbands grow-down to be girly-men.

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Whatever happened to “men?”  John Wayne 2Sean-Connery-James-Bond-White-Tux

What happened to the John Waynes?

What happened to the Arnolds?

The Stallones?

The Sean Connerys?Rambo-3-muscles1209034501_1

Maybe it’s not our fault.  Could it be that we are surrounded by so many man-made estrogens, called xenoestrogens, that our own testosterone is blocked?  Could it be that we have been eating estrogenic foods for the past twenty years, lowering our testosterone?  Could it be that we sit on our butts all day, not exercising, lowering our testosterone?  Could it be that our stressful lifestyle has caused a “cortisol steal,” lowering our testosterone?

The answers are yes, yes, yes, and yes.

This lowering of testosterone causes us to be tired, to lose our drive and motivation, muscle weakness, soreness, and the dreaded erectile dysfunction.  These are just a couple of the many effects of “Low T.”

Xenoestrogens are man-made chemicals in our environment that act similarly, but not exactly, to estrogen.  We are surrounded by these, everywhere we go.  Xenoestrogens are in exhaust fumes, plastics, perfumes, shampoo, carpet, insecticides, Formica, glue, etc.  There is no sense in trying to avoid them, you will only drive yourself crazy trying.  The only way is to fight back with proper testosterone supplementation.

Food manufacturers have been using technology for decades in an effort to increase the size and growth rate of their products.  Often times, the fertilizer and other chemicals used in growing fruits and vegetables contain estrogen-like substances.  Farmers, intending to fatten-up their cows, will inject them with estrogens.  We eat this meat, getting the estrogens.  You can avoid this by spending a bunch of money on “organic” foods, growing your own gardens, and slaughtering your own livestock.  An easier way is to simply supplement with a proper dose of testosterone.

Fat cells convert testosterone into estrogen.  The more fat you have, the more of your testosterone is going to be converted into estrogen.  Exercising causes a small increase in testosterone, but not much.  Losing body fat, through proper eating and weight training, is the best way to avoid this cause of low testosterone.  Getting the correct instruction and coaching can save you months of frustration in your desire to lose body fat.  You can also supplement with the proper dose of testosterone.

All of our hormones originate from cholesterol.  Cholesterol goes through a series of chemical changes in our body and eventually becomes testosterone.  Cortisol, our stress hormone, also begins as cholesterol.  When we are under constant stress, our body “steals” the cholesterol that was going to be used for testosterone and makes cortisol.  Lack of sleep, a stressful job, an injury, and even traffic will cause your body to make less testosterone.  Counteract this with relaxation techniques, getting at least seven hours of sleep a night, and de-stressing your life.  You can also supplement with the proper dose of testosterone.

Other conditions lower a man’s testosterone.  Diabetes and liver disease will lower it.  Drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco, both long term and short term, decreases testosterone levels.  Some medications like ketoconazole, Zantac, and corticosteroids also lower testosterone.

Men lose testosterone slowly over the years.  It goes so gradually that we don’t realize it until one day we wake up “old.”

Once testosterone is brought up to normal levels, a man’s world changes.  The energy of a teenager returns.  The drive of someone who wants to succeed in life is restored.  The desire and ability for sex is greatly enhanced.  The man’s quality of sleep is improved and daytime sleepiness all but disappears.  He regains his “manliness.”

Getting your testosterone level back to normal is easier than you think.  A simple, at home saliva test is the most accurate and convenient way to determine your hormone levels.  Then, to get your levels back up, supplementing with a once-a-week injection of testosterone is all you need.  Click over to my coaching page to learn more.


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