Inject testosterone while using HCG?

by West Conner

yb-hcg-diet-real-hcg-requires-prescriptionDr. Conner,

I came across your page on HCG after doing a basic Google search. I was wondering; your article says that you should do one week on, three weeks off.  Does that boil down to once a month? Also, on the three weeks off, is it ok to inject testosterone from a vial?

Your response is greatly appreciated.


I’m assuming you are referring to the article, “Why you need HCG if you are on testosterone therapy.” (If you haven’t yet read the article, click on the link to read it)

There are many different ways to take human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). As with other hormone dosing, I’ve seen it all. Mostly, I’ve seen it given too much too often. In order to keep the testicles functioning, using HCG once a month is enough. This is not to say that injecting HCG a number of times per week is damaging, just not necessary.

When coaching clients, I also consider the financial aspect of my coaching. If you can use a product once a month and get results, why waste money using it once a week to get the same result?

If you are trying to have a baby, I recommend injecting the HCG twice a week. This gives the testicles the signal to product sperm all the time.

There is some controversy concerning desensitization of the specialized cells on the testicles that receive the HCG signal. In layman’s terms, this just means your body will become resistant to that signal if it is given too much for too long. Some studies say yes, some say no. I prefer to dose on the side of caution if you are using it to maintain function and inject once a month.

You should be injecting testosterone once a week, every week. There is no reason to stop whether you are taking HCG or not. Continue taking your testosterone.


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