I am frustrated to say the least

by West Conner

Frustrated Business WomanI just had a thyroid test done my doctor says my levels are normal. But I have gained 12 pounds in 6 months and I am still tired all the time and have really dry skin. I contacted an endocrinologist but they told me that if my levels came back normal there was not much they could do for me. I am frustrated to say the least. Can you give me any ideas on where to turn next because I know something is not right?

You are not alone. One of my most popular blog posts about thyroid, Why your doctor says your thyroid is “normal” has over 170,000 views.

When looking at the normal level, it’s easy to see why you are most likely “normal.” The different laboratories analyzing the results will all have slightly different “normal” levels. Generally, the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) levels they claim as “normal” are between 0.5 mIU/L and 5.0 mIU/L. Really? That is a ten fold difference in “normal.”

Are you telling me that 0.5 is normal and 5.0 is normal? What if the same woman is 0.5 at age 25, 1.5 at age 30, 2.0 at age 35, and now 2.5 at age 40? Her TSH has increase 500% in 15 years yet she is still “normal?”

Most conventional doctors today treat numbers and not patients. You see your doctor and get your blood test. The blood test comes back normal, he doctor says you are normal, and sends you on your way.  It is certainly frustrating.

Tanya, feel free to fill out a patient intake form HERE. I feel the patient comes first before the numbers. The lab results certainly give us a starting point. Its how the person feels and the symptoms that you are having that play a bigger role in dosing hormones.


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