How Much Are Hormones?

by Tony Elam

This is a recent email exchange I had with a woman who first came to me for advice a couple years ago.  At that time, she was getting hormone therapy from another doctor and wanted my opinion on her therapy.  Now she asks this question…

I have a saliva test kit that my doc gave me for 7 tests:  estradiol, estrone, estriol, progesterone, testosterone, DHT and DHEA.  She uses NeuroScience lab and it will cost me $157 out of pocket.  I know you have access to the same test kits – if I can do one through you, any idea what that would cost me?  Would the company you use send me the results or you?  Just looking to save some money.  Thanks

That is cheap for so many tests, but I don’t think you need all those.  When you say $157 out of pocket, does that mean your insurance is picking up the rest of the cost?  I use ZRT Labs.

The saliva hormones from ZRT are $50 each and the test results come directly to me, but my clients always get a copy.  You will not have to guess what your levels are by our conversation and I won’t give you a general answer like, “fine,” “good,” “low,” or anything like that.

A female only really needs to check estradiol, testosterone, and progesterone (initially only for the Rx).  Unless there is a specific reason to test estrone and estriol, it’s not necessary.  DHT, for a female?  No, no reason unless they put her on a real high testosterone dose…this happens because these franchise clinics load up on the testosterone dosing and give too much.

You are currently using hormones now, right?  I remember you having several different creams, pretty high doses if I remember correctly.  Too much estrogen and/or testosterone will bloat you and could cause your body to “fight back” against the high doses.

Go to  You’ll see the fees in there for the coaching process.

Just so you know, we just launched the lowered initial fee with an optional monthly retainer after six months to get people in the program.  The pricing will be going up very soon so I’d get in the program in the next couple weeks if you are interested before we raise the rates.

Getting all those tests really depends on your situation.  My female clients take a 3 hormone test initially at $125 and then need two hormones (estradiol and testosterone) tested at $80 total every 6 month minimum.  Those are minimums.  If I think you need other testing, I’ll recommend it to you.

The cost for the prescription is pretty inexpensive also.  The cream I use for women is $60 a month, cash without insurance.  That’s the most you will pay.  If your insurance will cover it, the cost is less.  How much less?  Who knows, they are all different.

Let me know if you have any more questions.  It would be my pleasure to help you get feeling good and back to your old self again.




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