How long until my testosterone levels are normal?

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testosterone-cypionate-injection-bottleI am a 43 year old male and started therapy Nov 13 2015. Test level 243. One month of androderm level increased only to 246. One month of 200mg/ml testosterone cypionate bi weekly injections test level only increased to 257. Dr. recommended that I increase frequency of injection to every week. How long until test levels are normal?



I’m assuming these levels you are giving me are from blood tests. Blood testing for hormones is not the best way to check. Saliva is much more accurate, less expensive, non-invasive, and easier. Most doctors and franchise clinics use blood because they can bill insurance companies for it and get paid. That being said, 243 blood is low. Your doctor is correct to begin you on testosterone therapy but obviously has very little knowledge on how to supplement correctly.

Using a testosterone cream will cause an increase in your total testosterone. Unfortunately, a high percentage of the testosterone in the cream that passes through your skin is being converted into estrogens by the aromatase enzyme. This conversion cannot be stopped in the skin. The result is an increase in your estrogens. This causes an increase in your liver producing sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG). SHBG binds up all your hormones and brings them to the liver to be removed from the body. So, both testosterone and estrogens go up. The end result is still, unbalanced hormones.

Another issue with testosterone cream is cross contamination. Cross contamination is when your testosterone cream is rubbed off your skin and onto something or someone else. The testosterone on your skin will get on your clothes, your bed linens, your towels, your wife, your daughter, your pets, your grandkids. When your family members touch your towels in the wash, they are exposed. When your grandchild sits on your lap, they are exposed. When your young son wears your shirt to be like dad, he is getting exposed. It is for this reason; none of my clients use testosterone cream.

Testosterone cypionate injection is the best and most popular way to get testosterone into your body. It is best given once a week. This provides a steady level of hormones. Giving testosterone cypionate every other week causes peaks and valleys in your levels. This fluctuation is not what we want. It also causes the receptor sites on your cells to increase, then decrease, then increase, then decrease etc. with the infrequent injections.

How long until your testosterone levels are normal? You will reach steady state in 35 to 40 days taking once a week injections. If your dose is correct, you should be feeling great in just over a month.


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