The Difference

What's the difference in Dr. Conner's services compared to a traditional doctor?

doctorYou've been seen by a traditional doctor, right?  You take time off work because you were told to arrive ten minutes before your appointment.  You get there on time and you wait in the waiting room for what seems like forever, way past your appointment time.  Then your name is finally called so you are moved into the examination room where you wait more.  The doctor comes in and acts as if nothing is wrong, "we are just really busy today," is the excuse.  Then you get the quick, "what brings you here today," "OK," "Uh huh," "let me see," "here's your prescription," and he's gone.  Off to the receptionist for payment and out the door.  Total time, two hours.  Total time seen by your doctor, about four minutes.

This is ridiculous.

Dr. Conner schedules consultations when it is convenient for you.  He doesn't do the traditional "office visit."  A meeting is called a consultation, because you both discuss your issues and come up with a solution that fits your lifestyle and individual need.  There is no hurry-up, rush, rush, rush, we have to get the next patient in and out the door to meet our overhead.

Your consultations are via telephone, video chat (Skype), or face to face.  With the miracle of technology, we are no longer limited by our geographic location.  Dr. Conner was one of the first practitioners to use this new technology to interact with his long distance patients.

"We can now do our consultations with a video chat or a simple, old-fashioned phone call.  These consultations are the equivalent of having a patient right there in an office setting.  With this particular specialty, there is no need for 'hands-on.'  Everything we do can be handled with a phone call or video chat.  The testing kits are sent through the mail.  It's so much easier for my clients."  - Dr. West Conner

Have you ever called your doctor to ask a simple question?

What are the chances you actually got to talk to him?  You will usually leave a message with the receptionist and someone may or may not get back to you.  Is this any way to treat your customers?  When you become one of Dr. Conner's clients, you get on-going email contact.  Occasionally, a short phone consultation is needed, but generally, email has taken the lead in how Dr. Conner continues the communication between himself and his clients.

"I carry my phone with me that continuously gets my email throughout the day.  When one of my clients needs me for something, the answer comes back quickly.  I keep a small, tight group of clients that I like and enjoy.  They've paid me their money to help them, I keep them happy.  I get email questions all day from people, my clients get a response right away, they have priority."  - Dr. West Conner

Did you drop off your prescription at the pharmacy and were told to come back in an hour, or tomorrow?

Now that you've wasted half your day to see the doctor, you still have to get your prescription filled at the pharmacy.  This is another experience altogether...more waiting and frustration.  And on top of that, you have no idea how much this is going to cost you.

Dr. Conner sends your customized prescriptions to DCA Pharmacy in Nashville, TN.  DCA Pharmacy will contact you with a phone call, get all the information they need, and send you your prescriptions through the mail, UPS, or FedEx.  There is no waiting and no dropping off.  The only trip you have to make is to your mailbox or front door.  On top of that, Dr. Conner is the one who PERSONALLY compounds your hormones or medication.  He is also the chief pharmacist for DCA Pharmacy.

"I will not let another pharmacist compound my client's hormones.  I've seen too much variety in technique and inconsistency in formulas to let someone else do it.  I'm the only one who handles my patient's medication.  If the dose is not correct, there is no one else to blame, no one to push the problem onto.  It's me.  That's the way I want it."   - Dr. West Conner

The hormones and compounds used by Dr. Conner are relatively inexpensive.  If you have insurance, the pharmacy will work with your insurance company to get your pharmacy costs as low as possible.