Steve Berkey Interview

by West Conner

If you do any type of sports activity then this is the interview for you. Here’s the story:

Steve Berkey founded his company, 90 Revolutions, to meet the unique needs of endurance athletes. Injury prevention and performance enhancement are key elements for those training to achieve greater physical outcomes with less pain and more enjoyment. Steve addresses these issues through medical-based bike fits and running analyses that utilize advanced motion software, custom orthotics, and strength and conditioning programs.  His physical therapy training coupled with his affinity for running, cycling, and all things outdoors allows him to view training from multiple perspectives: both practical and clinical.

90 Revolutions recently introduced yet another set of aspects and services through the Functional Framework. The Functional Framework is a group of experts that provides services and education in the areas of coaching, nutrition, and sports psychology.

Together with Steve’s injury prevention expertise, the team of experts works to meet the complete needs of endurance athletes. Everyone from beginners to experts and weekend warriors to serious, consistent competitors can utilize the services of 90 Revolutions.

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In this 50 minute interview with Physical Therapist Steve Berkey of discusses many different aspects of injury prevention.

Steve describes to you:

- what causes shin splints and how to treat them and how to prevent them

- when to use ice and heat to treat injuries

- the most popular knee pain issues for runners and bicyclists

- how to determine if you are using proper running form

- what the wear pattern on your shoe can tell you about your form

- which type of doctor to see when you are having athletic issues

- the most common bicycling stress injuries

- how to adjust your bike to prevent injuries like neck and back issues

- the best bike seat for both males and females

- what is “hot foot” for bicyclists and how to prevent it

- what is “turf toe” and what causes it

- how to prevent and correct flat feet

- plantar fasciitis

- what to do for foot blisters

- how to prevent your ankle from rolling

- which ankle supports are best

- Achilles tendonitis and how to treat it

- how to strengthen your Achilles to prevent rupture

- trigger point therapy

- what to do when you first begin to experience pain

- when is the best time to stretch

- what a physical therapist does

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